Flight of the Monarchs on ABC Radio and at British Science Festival

Listen to Rob Mackay on ABC Radio National Science Show with Robyn Williams talking about his acoustic ecology research with Monarch butterflies that was showcased at the British Science Festival and Ecoacoustic Congress in Brisbane.

Rob’s research is based in the Cerro Pelon Biosphere Reserve in Mexico and he is working in collaboration with Biosphere Soundscapes and many international partners to bring attention to the environmental threats these iconic pollinator species face.

Listen here:



Sound + Environment 2017

HEARO was proud to host Sound + Environment 2017 at the University of Hull. This was an international conference, bringing together artists and scientists to examine the different ways that sound can deepen our understanding of environments. There were over 150 delegates from all over the word attending, with talks, workshops, performances, and installations. Keynote speakers were Chris Watson and Leah Barclay. Jez Riley French was also part of the organising team.